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Helping you Help your dog

 I am Clare and I do not believe there is such thing as a bad dog    or naughty dog, it is simply a lack of understanding.

After 40 years in the company of dogs and focusing on behaviour,   I have come to understand more.

This knowledge I aim to share with you, to support your dog’s whole well being and improve your lives together.

With any welfare concerns with your dog it is best to discuss with your Vet in the first instance. Behavioural concerns can often be related to underlying or undiagnosed health or injury problems.

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About Me

              I’ve been a dog handler most of my life  (my first job aged 8 was walking neighbours dogs!).                                                         My own dogs have been golden retrievers and german shepherd dogs.                                                                            I ran a successful home boarding and walking company  for 15 years,                                                  and have been supporting owners with behavioural concerns with their dogs for the last 10 years.

                            Dogs often ‘tell’ us they are not happy and it is usually reflected in their behaviour.                     

                      Being able to recognise dogs 'communication' through their body language and behaviour,                                                   can provide a deeper understanding, allowing us to meet their needs better.                                                                         

The key to a happy and healthy dog is to take into consideration the dogs whole well being:

 respect for breed traits, allowing natural behaviour, diet, health, environment, stimulation and enrichment, exercise and overall family life within your home.

    These points are what I base my principals on, so all can live together more positively and harmoniously.

         I believe in the 'LIMA' approach when supporting dogs -  Least Invasive Minimally Aversive and only practice positive, force free, ethical and science based methods when working with dogs

There are many schools of thought surrounding dog’s behaviour and I continually consider new fields of research and advice with continued personal development, in the form of courses, reading and experiences                   from a wide field of recognised and respected professionals.

                               Qualified with British College of Canine Studies-Advanced Canine Behaviour.                                                                                               Duke University - Dog emotion and cognition.                                                      Further qualifications within the fields of:

                             holistic dog care, enrichment, puppy socialisation, canine cognitive dysfunction,                                                                                  working with fearful dogs, canine anxiety, senior dog care,                                                                                         canine first aid, professional dog home care and dog walking.                                                                 Current CPD focus- Profession based degree in Advanced Canine Behaviour Management.                               

                           Proud to work along side The Red Foundation-emergency Dachshund rescue UK and                     support PAPS - rehabilitation and re-homing of abandoned dogs in Spain.

                                Full Member-Behaviour with International Society of Animal Professionals                     

                                               Member of the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour,                                                                           International Association of Animal behaviour Consultants, Pet Professional Network,                                                                                  Pet Industry Federation  and Pet Professional Guild.                                                                                          

                  I follow guidance of DEFRA’s code of practice for the welfare of dogs and observe guidelines set down by pet education, training and behaviour council.


Behavioural Service

          I will visit you in your home and listen to your concerns and what outcome you would like to achieve.

                                                          observe and interact with your dog, learning about their personality,                                                                                                               offer practical advice and suitable tasks and work with you and your dog together,                                                   so you can gain confidence in the skills.

    Full behavioural visit £ 150.00

 approximately 2 hours, 

         full written report, a clear action plan

        phone or email support for lifetime of dog.


Follow up visit, if required  

 £ 75.00

approximately 1 hour

       updated report and focus plan.   

                                               50% deposit required to secure a booking, evenings and weekends available.                                                       Percentage of fee donated to Cinnamon Trust. 

What an owner can expect of me:

Code of Conduct

                               Advice and support that is practical to each individual dog, owner and associated family/household                                             Make you aware of procedures/actions before starting.

                                                             Model procedures/actions to owner and support you to be self sufficient,                                                                    Clear structured instructions and tasks enabling you to reach required goals.

              We will talk about recognition of natural dog behaviour and how to work with that to achieve positive behaviour.

              To recognise and acknowledge stress or concerns. To be aware of and report safety concerns or issues. 

              I will also advise on holistic factors i.e. diet, general health, environment, enrichment and exercise regime.

                Confidentiality:  I may use case study for reference with other dogs, but no personal details will be used.

Specialist full insurance.

What your dog can expect from me:

 To consider and respect  specific breed or natural behaviour and  individual personality. 

To recognise any stress during consultation, or activities/tasks and alleviate this as quickly as possible.

 To have an awareness of environment and work within an area that feels safe.

 To respect and consider age, health and fitness capabilities.

 To modify and adapt depending on responses.


What I expect from you:

Patience - your dog needs a calm, tolerant owner. 

Persistence – it can take time for your dog to learn some skills, everyone in the dogs life has to be consistent and dedicated.

 Commitment – continued support, encouragement, love and understanding.



'Clare gave us really useful info and tips, it has been hard work, but their behaviour is improving and the dogs are becoming a pleasure.'
'I couldn't have done this without Clare's help and guidance and would definitely recommend her.'
'All I can say to you is thank you so much for the difference you have made to my daily life - I no longer feel guilty each day for not walking my dogs and that has made me feel relieved and happy.'
'I found the whole experience calming and reassuring. Thank you !'

Additional Services

1 : 1  Supported walk

 If your dog lunges or barks on walks, or struggles with recall,

I can support you and your dog to have a more positive experience   

     £ 45 

      approx 45 minute walk with follow up support.

Sometimes a dogs behaviour on a walk is just their 'tipping point'

to other concerns in their life, and full behavioural support would be beneficial.  

Puppy Manual

£ 75

                  Getting a puppy is an exciting time with lots to learn and new experiences.  I can visit you before or after the arrival                                                   of your new puppy and advise on what to expect. Your personalised ‘user manual’ will cover a settling in schedule,              toilet training, handling and other areas of puppy development, specifically tailored for your family life and puppy and                             set a solid foundation for building  your lives together.

Rescue Dog Manual

£ 75

Adopting a rescue dog is a rewarding event. But, we have to respect, for the dog, this can be an over whelming experience.                             They will need time to adjust  and bond with new owners. I will support you with advice and  practical tips in a specific                                                  personalised ‘manual’  to ease the  transition from kenneling  or an unknown back ground to promote                                                 a happy, calm and well adjusted dog.

Adolescent/teenage manual

£ 75

Dogs reach adolescent (or teenage) stage at around 8-12 months, depending  on your dog’s breed and size.

                 They may start to seek greater independence, test out their own abilities, push boundaries, ignore previous training                                and generally appear to be 'rebellious' or possibly become fearful or reactive.

          As an owner of an adolescent dog this can be a trying time ! 

                                      The manual will offer consideration and adjustments to their individual physical and mental needs,                                                                                                                    alongside consistent reward-based training.                                                                                            Giving you the skills to support them develop out of this phase to a confident, happy, well-behaved dog.

These visits last about an hour and manuals can be posted or emailed.